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Eating Pancakes in Hawaii

Pancakes in Hawaii.

Eating pancakes in Hawaii at Ken’s House of Pancakes.

Eating in Pancakes in Hawaii

Traveling to Hawaii doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the pleasures of home. And if you like pancakes, Hawaii offers some of the country’s finest, of course with a Hawaiian slant to them. Here are some of the places where you can enjoy eating pancakes in Hawaii.

Ken’s House of Pancakes

You can find Ken’s House of Pancakes in the town of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii.  As its name suggest, Ken’s specializes in pancakes. So when you order breakfast, it comes complete with pancakes. What’s also nice about Ken’s is that the serving are very generous in addition to the food tasting great.  This is what makes Ken’s a local favorite on the Big Island.

Tucker and Bevvy

Tucker and Bevvy specializes in Australian and Hawaiian themed breakfasts and picnic foods. You can find in the Kapahulu area of Honolulu. It offers a wide variety of breakfast dishes, including its highly popular ricotta cheese pancake.

Bills Sydney

Bills Sydney is a restaurant chain that originally started in Sydney, Australia. Today, it has restaurants in a number of cities throughout the world. You can find Bills Sydney in Waikiki on Beachwalk Avenue. It features great ricotta cheese pancakes on its menu.

Moena Cafe

Moena Cafe, a breakfast and lunch restaurant, is in the Hawaii Kai area of Honolulu. Its breakfast menu includes a wide range of pancakes, including cinnamon roll and strawberry and milk. It’s famous for its banana Chantilly pancake.

Mac 24/7

Mac 24/7, as noted in its name, is open 24 hours daily and is in the Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel in Waikiki. Its breakfast menu offers huge, crazy pancakes. It was once prominently featured on the television series, Man vs. Food.

Liliha Bakery

Liliha Bakery is a long-time local favorite bakery and diner in the Liliha area of Honolulu. You can’t be in business as long as Liliha Bakery has been if you’re not doing something right. And their pancakes are definitely one of the reasons why.