Popular Hawaiian Flowers

One of the more popular Hawaiian flowers

King protea flower, one of the many popular Hawaiian flowers.

Are Hawaiian Flowers Truly Hawaiian?

Hawaiian flowers, whether their form, always make for a special gift of Aloha. Hawaii’s climate, fertile soil, clean air and abundance of rainfall make it ideal for flowers to thrive.  Hawaii has a diverse range of flowers of all kinds. But there is a universal commonality for almost all of them. And that is: almost all of them are not originally from Hawaii. They were, at some time, brought into Hawaii. Here, they have found themselves an ideal home. This is a sampling of some of the most popular Hawaiian flowers.


The protea was originally introduced into Maui in the mid-1980s. It came from South Africa as well as from Australia. These are unusually looking, but stunningly beautiful, flowers with brightly colored stamens and pistils. People know them for their ability to last a long time in a vase or even when they are dried. And because of that, they have become a very popular flower.

Bird of Paradise

This popular ornamental plant is originally from South Africa. It’s so called because its brightly colored and ornate flower resembles a bird from a tropical area. Although it does not share a close resemblance, it is a relative of the banana. This plant is very popular in Hawaii. And you can find it growing and thriving in the homes of many local residents.

Another one of the many Hawaiian flowers



This popular ornamental plant is related to the bird of paradise and the banana. But it is originally from South and Central America. The plant is sturdy and can last a long time after they are cut and displayed in vases. It can also grow up to 6 feet tall. Like the bird of paradise, you can find a number of the 22 species growing in the yards of many local residents.

Another one of the many Hawaiian flowers



This plant with its waxy and glossy flower came to Hawaii in the late 1800. It actually is from, of all places, England. It can last very long in a vase, making it very popular as a flower arrangement. While the flower can last a relatively long time, the plant needs a lot of water. It also requires protection from the sun and wind. The anthurium is one of Hawaii’s biggest export flowers.


This fragrant flower, otherwise known as the jasmine, is a very popular flower in Hawaii, particularly for lei-making. The plant is originally from India. In Hawaii, people use its buds, rather than the bloomed flowers, to make leis. Typically, lei-makers combine a number of pikake strands into a lei. The greater the number of odd numbered strands indicates how important the recipient is. In Hawaii, pikake leis are usually given to female prom dates.

Ginger, one of the popular Hawaiian flowers.



This is another fragrant flower with a lovely lingering scent used in lei making. The plant is originally from eastern India. As they are very delicate, lei-makers need much skill to make leis from the ginger plant. They do not last very long and because of the effort required to make them into leis. As a result, those who receive them in the form of leis can well appreciate their transitory beauty.