Where Locals Eat In Honolulu

One of the places where locals eat in Honollulu.

Pate lunches in Hawaii from Rainbow Drive In, a place where locals eat in Honolulu.

Find Out Where Locals Eat in Honolulu

Most people who travel to Hawaii, visit the island of Oahu. Honolulu, on island of Oahu, is the State’s largest city and capital. You probably heard that there are great restaurants in Honolulu that cater to tourists or to the high end market. But here are some everyday places where locals eat in Honolulu.

Rainbow Drive In

You can find Rainbow Drive in the Kapahulu area of Honolulu. This is one of the most popular places for that most iconic of foods from the Hawaii, the plate lunch.  At one time, only local people knew and frequented Rainbow Drive In. But now, it has become more well known to those outside of Hawaii. So now, even tourists eat at Rainbow Drive In. Here, you can get plate lunch classics. These include the breaded beef cutlet, chili franks plate and the popular mixed plate lunch.

Gulick Delicatessen

Another place where locals eat in Honolulu.

Gulick Delicatessen.

You’ll find this takeout establishment in the Kalihi part of town on Gulick Avenue. However, this is not really a delicatessen in the sense of what people from the mainland would expect. In Hawaii, most delicatessens are typically okazuyas. In such places in Hawaii the food generally reflects Hawaii’s Japanese-American traditions. But many of these foods would be unique to Hawaii and would probably not be found in Japan. These are dishes like spam musubi, garlic furikake chicken, teriyaki steak, etc. Gulick’s is one of those types of delicatessens in Hawaii. Gulick’s has been a favorite of locals for generations.

Char Hung Sut

One of the places where locals eat in Honolulu.

Char Hung Sut

You can find this local favorite in Honolulu’s Chinatown district. Char Hung Sut has been a long time favorite of local people for many decades. This place specializes in manapua and only serves them on a takeout basis. Manapua is Hawaii’s unique version of Chinese dim sum. Locals have been lining up in the mornings at this place through generations of families. They especially come for its famous char sui bao as well as for its pork hash and half moon pot stickers .

Toshi’s Delicatessen & Restaurant

This is another classic old time Hawaii delicatessen in the Kalihi area of Honolulu. Again, like many Hawaii delicatessens, it’s really an okazuya. Here, most of the food served is on a takeout basis. But there are a few tables at this establishment where you can sit down and eat your food. Many locals rave about Toshi’s chow fun, corn beef hash patties and shoyu chicken. However, Toshi’s is only open from Tuesdays to Fridays for breakfasts and lunches. It closes almost immediately after lunch.